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Gardening is not only a decoration but also the part of households now a day. It is more essential for an office or a business place or a house to have ornamental or flowering plants to curve the monotonous working environment and to ensure fresh breath. Bangladesh is a plants friendly country in respect to weather and soil. Only we need to include this idea into our interior or exterior design. Our service will ensure mostly carefree maintenance and cheaper price.


About Rent Plants


For our Plants, we product beautiful plastic pot, which is fungus and dust free.This pot is our own product.

Why u take plants from Gardenia ?

Gardenia Nursery Another Nursery
Dust, Fungus, Insect & Damp proof pot. Fungus affect pot
Beautiful & Fresh plants Poor quality plants
Artistic Landscape design Decoration of another nursery.

Sample of our some plants decoration


It is pertinent to mention that only we can provide you the dust free plants survival soil alternatives and international standard pots and plants.


  • Every month we change damaged plants , but this changing time may vary depending on the condition of the plants.
  • We take care of plants by our gardeners. Every  weak gardener come two times to take care plants.
  • The plants has to be secured by those who rent them.


  • The contract can not be terminated with in the time mentioned in the contract from.
  • To renew the contract we must be informed 45 days before the concussion of the contract period.
  • The payment must paid with in the first week of every month.
  • No less to plants quantity after contract mention.
  • Minimum contact period one year.


                                        Any size of plants rent , for per months 80/= Taka only.

(We are confident that with our resources and expertise  will be able to beautify your space more attractively)

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